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  • Research - We discuss with the client (you) to learn about the position, the desired qualifications of the candidate and if possible, examples of the types of projects the candidate would work on. Why is this position available? .”What Will Be the Biggest Challenge for the Person Filling This Position? What is the number one skill someone would need to be successful in this position? 

  • Examine our database of candidates and use our industry knowledge to review them for potential matches to your organization and the position. 

  • Interview the candidate 

  • Screen candidates

  • Our client (your organization) will conduct an internal interview of the aforementioned screened candidate(s).

  • You (the client) will notify us of your thoughts of said candidate(s).

  • As part of the recruiting process, we want to keep the candidate(s) informed as much as possible as to the status of the decision-making process. The technical positions that AIM I.T. fills are in very high-demand, and as a result, many of our candidates are entertaining multiple job offers. Therefore, keeping the candidate(s) in the loop tends to set your company apart from others that the candidate may be considering to join as well.

  • AIM I.T  will communicate to the candidate of your organization's decision. If a decision is made to bring on the candidate, we work with the with the candidate to communicate any salary negotiations and the date the candidate is able to start.

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