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AIM I.T. is a diverse company. We understand the value that having a diverse workforce can bring to an organization. Having different perspectives brings many opportunities for a company to innovate and can help companies see their blindspots. In our ever-growing, interconnected world, the need to target products and services to untapped markets has caused many companies to realize the importance of building and retaining an inclusive workforce.


AIM I.T. believes that targeted messaging and recruitment advertisements that speak to the needs of talent from underrepresented backgrounds can be an effective way to attract a diverse slate of candidates for your employment opportunities. 


  • We believe in selling your organization’s diversity. Position your company as a great place to work where employees from underrepresented backgrounds can thrive. Mentioning diversity milestones, community outreach, awards, and work/life perks is a great way to achieve this.

  • If your organization is not diverse, AIM I.T. will showcase what you are doing to increase diversity. Examples of this may include:


  • Acknowledge the lack of diversity in the first place. Taking the cultural-blindness approach and choosing not to notice differences isn’t helping anyone.


  • If the majority of the staff is one demographic, increasing representation of underrepresented groups through a referral-based hiring program becomes more difficult.


  • Integrate inclusion into the fundamentals of your recruitment processes so that you are collecting a diverse pool of applicants for your openings.


  • AIM I.T. will widen the candidate pool by advertising employment opportunities through media that underrepresented groups are most likely to use and outlets that target those groups. 


  • We also encourage your organization to not forget your EEO Statement. Whether you’re target candidates from a diverse background or not, it is important that you include an EEO statement. It’s absence could send a message that perhaps your organization does not use fair employment practices.

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